Public Art

What sets us apart from most firms in the Public Art arena is that we are the designers AND the fabricators.  Our hands physically create our concepts.  This is not true for many architecture and design firms that sub-contract out their projects.  What makes this special is that we truly understand the materials we work with and get most out of them.  We are also typically lower priced (yahhh!) because we have less layers to pay out at the end of the day.  
Let us give you a proposal and see how we stack up!
Below is a collection of various public art projects we have been involved with over the years. New projects are always on the go so please give us lots of time as we typically run with approximately a 6-month wait list.

The Sacred Circle

Land acknowledgement statue at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. Installed June 2022. In the Sacred Circle no one is front, no one is behind, no one is above and no one is below.

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Canmore vue

Giant sunglasses on the front lawn of the new VUE luxury apartments in Canmore.

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School Signage

Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School 50th Anniversary Sign. The sign ended up being 24ft wide x 9ft tall; installed on 5ft extended screwpiles it actually reaches to a height of 14ft. 

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Carseland Fish

Entrance statue for the Town of Carseland. At 24ft tall it is easily visible from Highway 24. The statue is a tribute to Carseland's history of fishing along the Bow.

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The Catalyst

Focal statue at the main entrance to SAIT. New 100th anniversary logo re-imagined into a 22ft x 22ft x 16ft, 2-tone steel statue.

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Cochrane Mural

40ft long mural in downtown Cochrane representing the town's history. Also serves as a privacy wall to create an inviting sitting area in front.

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World Map Mural

Multi-layered, hand-sanded & painted aluminum mural. Front office reception for Golder International. 16ft wide x 10ft tall.

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Nanton Memorial

Free standing, two sided mural for the Town of Nanton in the Westview Pond Park. 17ft wide x 10ft tall

Ranahan's Deck

Custom artwork for the length of the Ranahan's deck at the Calgary Stampede. Our design was intentionally 'pokey' so that customers wouldn't sit up on the backrail.

Seaman Sports Park

Large outdoor signage just off Highway 549. Above ground platform with rocks as floating base. Mixed metals for texture & aesthetic. 20ft wide x 12ft tall

Prime Meridian

Giant Rubix Cube statue for West Canadian Print & Design. 'Prime Meridian' is a focal point for the community & an often photographed statue for groups. 14ft tall x 8ft wide

The Origin of Flight

Hundreds of cut-outs of birds in flight are welded together to create a replica of a Learjet. Center statue in the waiting room of Sunwest Aviation; private jet & aircraft charters. 6ft wide x 7ft tall

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A Team Approach

Often for public art we take a team approach and work with other companies. Our closest partner is Wild West Welding, with Grant Frulling as the B-ticket, CWB welder we work with the most. We also luck out and have access to a pool of talented tradesmen from SAIT and Lake Louise Ski Hill. Nothing better than working with friends and fabricating timeless pieces.

For questions please contact Claire directly: