Made to Order

Not all railings, gazebos or signs are the same.  In fact they're almost never the same!  For that reason all our large scale panels are Made-To-Order.  Our sheets of steel are 4ft wide x 8ft long.  From there we can cut any size within those dimensions.  And if you're looking for a bigger solution we can overlap panels or break artwork across multiple pieces.  Any size is possible.

Railings Vs. Decorative Panels?

We define Railings as artistic panels that must meet building code.  Generally they are 28-34" tall and up to 6ft wide.  Decorative Panels can be any design and any size and don't necessarily meet building code.  These are typically a more delicate design and can be used for privacy, windbreakers, or just purely artistic murals.

Railing Panels

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Decorative Panels

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Personal vs Business Signage?

We define personal signs as using existing art and adding text. Business signs generally take custom design time to convert a logo and re-imagine it in metal.

Personal Signs

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Business signs

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