Fire Ring 31" Aspen Trees

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The classic fire ring shape is for those who'd like to have their fire on the ground or already have a poured concrete pad with a hole in it.  The fire ring keeps your fire and ash contained in one area and is beautiful to look at.  Our standard fire rings are 31” in diameter and have a solid inner ring welded inside to keep the ring secure and circular.  We use 10-gauge (1/8” thick) steel which is substantial enough to last you a lifetime, won't warp and is much stronger than standard box store cheap alternatives.


  • Handmade locally in our shop in Okotoks, Alberta
  • 15” high sidewall with graphics cut into the steel
  • 10-gauge (1/8" thick) steel
  • 1/2” expanded mesh welded inside to stop sparks and wood falling out the side
  • 2” wide solid welded inner lip
  • very strong welds done by hand
  • flat black specialized high-heat paint
  • grate sold separately

Maintenance Recommendations

All our fire pits are first sand-blasted to remove any impurities from the face of the steel and then coated with high-heat paint.  The sand-blasting also helps give the paint something textured to adhere to.  This said NO PAINT can truly withstand fire.  So we recommend that you add more paint to your fire pit every 3-years and once a year to the grate top to keep it looking black.  High-heat paint can be bought at any hardware store (look for BBQ paint).