Condo Living & New Home Living

Condo Living & New Home Living

Check out the October issues for New Home Living & Condo Living magazines; available in the free magazine racks at the front doors of most grocery stores, LRT stations, K-mart & large rec facilities.

New Home Living article:

Wall Flowers

Open a new window to imagination with unique wall decor

“IF THESE WALLS could talk ... now they don’t have to, with stylish, contemporary wall decor whose sheer artistry speaks directly to the soul.  Elaborately designed pieces with eye-catching detail made mostly of metal or wood can definitely make a bold statement in your home.  Michael Perks’ art pieces from Little Monkey Metal Works use hand-sanded silver as well as powder-coated metal tempered to throw a rainbow of colours, his trees even have brackets behind them so they can cast shadows on your wall for that extra realistic detail.  Hand-made ironworks from Mexico’s Tozazi-Hierro are also popular.”